House of MN

House of MN

Marking almost five decades in the sparkling world of gems and jewels, the Mahesh Notandass Fine Jewellery brand is a symbol of elegance and grandeur. The timeless collection of classical jewellery pieces pay homage to the seamless union of aesthetics, quality and artistic sensibilities.

Mahesh Notandass Fine Jewellery believes in catering to not just the elite clientele, but also to those who desire to own an exquisite piece. This all-embracing definition of art has led them to make something for everyone.


Designers Scintillating, Bold, Elegant and Simple.

Renu Oberoi's distinctly classic jewelry designs add glamour to any ensemble. For Renu Oberoi jewelry design is above all, an art.

The work on each piece is handcrafted and the designs are one of a kind.

Her personal passion is reflected consistently in her original and inspired collections and she is today known for her unique and clean styles.

House of MN